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The Warehouse Clinic

          Intouch Waxing & Skincare Center is an innovative local company that caters to your personal hair removal needs we use hard & soft wax which ever suit you. We specialize in male & female Brazilian waxing with Sensual Touch. We offer manscaping services as well as great message packages.

We aim to make your after work experience top class, we have a soulful musical twist along with a complementary refreshment for your enjoyment!


*We strongly recommend that you make your appointment in advance.

You can contact us via email or call (954-918-0991) chat or leave a message of

the time you would like, with one of our operators, they are eagerly waiting to address your needs. We look forward to seeing you soon and providing you with the service you deserve!


No Children Allowed: 


We can not service any customers who bring children due to company liability!


Once your appointment is scheduled:


A confirmation Email will be sent. By providing your cell phone online, a text message reminder will be also sent to confirm your appointment.


Reservations Available online:


Please arrive on time for your appointment. When you make an appointment, the designated time is reserved solely for you. Should you arrive late, it might cut into your reserved time.


Cancellation Policy:


Because of the popularity of our unique services, we highly recommend you make a reservation in advance.  Unless we hear otherwise, we’ll expect you to be here. An Email reminder will be sent to confirm your appointment. Because we strive to provide such personal service to each and every one of our clients, no-shows and cancellations impact us significantly. We appreciate it if you call and cancel with a minimum of 24 hrs. Cancellation policy for packages and promotional coupons or gift certificates that are No-show, will immediately be subject to forfeit.


Thank you for visiting us*



Our Philosophy

We believe highly in comfort and sanitation during the waxing & skincare experience. Waxing & Skincare is not only about the procedure itself, but about how the customer feels while receiving the services rendered. Our service should not be a service that is available to only the very wealthy. Every one should have the ability to feel clean, beautiful and confident about their body! We would like to create a warm inviting atmosphere and to share our own likes with our customers.


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